Back up your mobile devices now

Smartphones have become so advanced that there's virtually no business task they can't handle. Now everyone uses mobile devices to access work documents and, naturally, hackers got the memo. There are thousands of threats targeted towards mobile devices, so you’d be well served backing up the files in your mobile device, now.

Google Pixel: An iPhone competitor

Although Google released its first high-end smartphone later than Apple and Samsung, its mobile devices have consistently been top performers. The latest version of its Pixel phones are out and there’s a lot to like for business users.
Models and pricing
The Pixel 3 comes in two models, each with two price points depending on how much storage you need.

Is your Android call and SMS data safe?

It’s normal for mobile phones to store users’ call and text logs. Android users, however, might be surprised to know that Facebook has been collecting their call history and SMS data for years. Should you be worried?
How Facebook’s data-collecting activities were discovered
Software developer Dylan McKay realized Facebook had been collecting his call records and SMS metadata when he downloaded his Facebook account data from his Android device (to do this, go to General > Settings). When he tweeted about it, several users responded that the same thing happened to them, while others revealed that only call histories with close contacts such as parents, partners, and other family members were collected.